HTO HYPER SNIPER S 7’2  (218cm) Atar:0,5-7gr
HTO HYPER SNIPER S 7’2  (218cm) Atar:0,5-7gr

HTO HYPER SNIPER S 7’2 (218cm) Atar:0,5-7gr (HHYPS)

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For saltwater and freshwater

The HTO Hyper Sniper rod bridges the gap between fresh and saltwater light lure angling. Each Hyper Sniper rod carries the same specification, one rod has a solid tip and the other a tubular tip. Ideal if you requires both tips and wants to have two rods of the same spec. Also ideal if you use one type of tip for most of your fishing and want a high spec, quality rod at a sensible price. Both rods are 7ft 2in in length and both have a casting rating of 0,5 - 7g.


Unique build

HTO Hyper Sniper rods are built using a micro pitch blank finish, this creates tightly wrapped fine pitch tape during the curing process. This creates a denser blank, increasing strength, lightness but also sensitivity. The tip section is not painted, the weight of the paint can adversely affect tip performance. To aid bite detection, contrasting silver whippings on the tip ring, 1st, 2nd and 3rd intermediate guides act as an indication target.


Quality fittings

The HTO Hyper Sniper use quality fittings from Fuji, including Fuji KR Guides which utilise an upswept frame that sits higher on the blank.

This helps to reduce any line slap on the blank between the reel and butt ring. It also helps to shed wind knots and tangles that can be associated with faster action blanks, increase casting efficiency.


Which tip to choose?

Hyper Sniper S?is our solid tipped rod aimed at the advanced light game angler, featuring a fast responsive blank with quality components, this rod is bound to be a hit with both the fresh water and saltwater UL angler alike. Be it dropshotting, deadsticking, on the drop, or a simple cast and retrieve, the Hyper Sniper can cope with the technicalities of it all and more.

Hyper Sniper T?is the tubular tipped light game rod aimed at the advance rockfish angler. Offering advanced sensitivity and feedback due to the tubular tip, this rod is the perfect choice for ripping paddle tails through the water column, fishing dart heads, buzzing vibes over reefs, twitching UL plugs or jigs. It is also suitable for less aggressive styles of light game angling. A highly versatile rod with a premium feel at an attractive price point.



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